Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween costumes

Well, the grandkids' costumes are finished, shipped and just got a webcam call before they went out trick or treating. They look adorable. I made the Morgan - the 7 yo's cowgirl outfit and the Tyler, the 4 yo's Spiderman. I entered them in the Pattern review contest, hopefully you'll be able to see the notes there. Here are pics of the costumes before I sent them.

Spiderman is first, complete with muscles. Fabrics used was what I had on hand: Cotton spandex, batting, beige stretch lining, ultrasuede scraps, red flannel backed vinyl. I have more details at Pattern This is the full outfit.

Morgan wanted to be a cowgirl. I based the costume on the picture she sent me. I used a remnant, that's been around FOREVER, black suede fringe bought for 80% off, and pink fringe made from a garage sale ultrasuede remnant. Also lined it with dusty pink lining from my stash, and made a scarf from a remnant that was leftover from making a tablecloth. The boots were pull on - kinda like spats. Very cute.

Here's 3 yo Madison's costume...Cinderella (the one I didn't make) We got her costume from a friend - an awesome Cinderella
complete with tiara, purse, and 2 pair of shoes. I love to sew, but couldn't pass that up. I'd rather spend my time on something else for her.

It was really fun to make it for them, though being far away it was hard to figure out whether it would fit or not. It challenged my creativity. Now on to Christmas sewing.


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