Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Late night sewing...

Been making my heat packs lately. Don't know if it is because my fibromyalgia and back pains been re-occuring, or just the fact that it is getting colder. I call them my "warm hugs". I have made quite a few of these lately, even have a production line going. Some are for gifts, some to hopefully sell, some just for me. They really help with all my aches and pains, and sometimes I even have 3 of them going. I usually use them in the morning, at least once during the day, and before I go to bed. In fact, as I sit here now, I have one on my neck. Now though with the cold weather, I use them just so my fibromyalgia doesn't flare up, and to keep my muscles warm.

My chiropractor has some, and was interested in seeing what I make. I made a variety of my favorite sizes. I think the most versatile is the 8" x 30" one. This can be used for the neck, or the low back. You can even warm it up, and use it as a scarf before you go into the cold. My favorite is the shoulder one, it does the shoulders and upper back. I still need to tweak it so it can also be up around the neck.

All of the "warm hugs" are made with the inner liner of a rice/herb blend, and a removable outer cover. Since I use mine so much, I know the benefits of having a cover you can wash. Not pretty otherwise!!!  Here's some pics...... (updated January 1, 2010)

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Also made a set of hand warmers. Jim's hands get cold a lot, so just this seems to help. Just 30 seconds in the microwave and he can hold it in his hands to warm them. Should also be good inside a glove or mitten. Did a pair of mittens with the heat pack in it; but it was a little bit too tight, so back to the drawing board.

Finally, made a infinity type scarf out of fleece and cotton. Saw the link at Infarrantly Creative . Did a little variation with a bias strip (which I made as a continuous bias strip....still perfecting how to do that easily) with some green and gold trim. The only thing was that I cut the fringes too wide, so I didn't think it layed (laid??) right. Going to recut it and see.