Monday, March 3, 2014

Placing a Value on Your Sewing

This post started because I saw an article on Sew Mama Sew on Placing a Value on your Quilts .  After reading it and following all the links on the subject, I knew I wanted to keep this for future reference.

I am just finishing a quilt for my DIL's friends' son.  It's a TShirt quilt using his shirts from his 10 years as a cub and boy scout.  He just got his Eagle Scout award and this is his remembrance of his scouting journey.  Now, we had not discussed costs and I was unsure of what to charge.  I have quilted in the past; but only made it for special people: a quilt for my son from the shorts I made him the year he went to college.  A double wedding ring quilt I made with my sister Alice for my Mom and Dad's 50th wedding anniversary.  And last year, the quilt I made for my granddaughter using 4" squares of knit fabric that I had machine appliqu├ęd letters, numbers, and her name.

The first articles are on the subject of how We are Sew worth it.
The following articles are from Hunters Design Studio
Sew Worth it  and this

What's it Worth?and then this…

What's it Worth? A Bigger Picture 

and an invoice
The invoice in MS Word is here (you have to do the math and type it in) >> Sew Worth It – Word InvoiceTemplate
The invoice in MS Excel is here (does some math for you) >> Sew Worth It – Excel Invoice Template
And Molly Sparkles tells us that No Value Does Not Equal Free
And yet another article on The Worth of a Quilt by Quilts of a Feather detailing how she priced one of her beautiful quilts.  
Don't know if it will help me for this time, but it certainly is something to consider for the next time.