Saturday, January 2, 2010

Baseball Themed Baby Quilts

These quilts were made as a combo new baby and Christmas gifts. Since Dad is a baseball player, I found this adorable vintage like cotton fabric of little boys playing ball at Hobby Lobby. The while fabric had baseballs, gloves, numbers and bats and was cotton flannel. I made each quilt different and reversible using the basic directions in the book "Turn me over..I'm reversible". Had this book for awhile, and made one from it, and since I'm not a quilter (and don't have the patience, I decided to do it this way. They turned out really cute and Mom and Dad loved it.

The first set is a long "striped" pattern.  

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The second quilt was a center motif, with bands around it.   

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 Also made reversible pillowcases for the boys, though they're a little young for pillowcases now, it should be fine as they grow older
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