Thursday, September 17, 2009

Head Bobber Stoppers

I just hate to be riding in the car with my grandkids and they fall asleep and their heads start bobbing. It hurts MY back and neck just to look at them in those positions where their head is down to their knees. Ouch!!

Well, when I went to Florida to visit 3 of them, I brought along the pillows that I cut and sewed for them at home. Their jobs were to help stuff, and I finished sewing them up. Here's one of them

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Well, they loved them so much they were using them at home and forgetting to take them in the car. So, we got some more fabric and they helped sew this time. All 3 of them, ages 2, 3 and 7! The 2 and 3yos worked the pedal. I put it on the table and told them to "stop" or "go". Both of them were wonderful. The 7 yo actually did the sewing with my guidance. And, it was a lot easier for their little fingers to stuff the pillows. We just used fiberfill and stuffed until it felt comfortable.

The pattern for them was really easy. I just made a large C shape and cut it out of newspaper, then tweaked it until I liked it. I figured anything had to be more comfortable than having their heads hanging down. Even easier to make it is to draw the outline of the pattern on the top fabric. Place another fabric, same or different pattern stacked right side together- and cut a larger square around it - but not too close. Then, just sew on the marked line leaving a space about 4 inches on the top for turning. After sewing - then cut about 1/4" away from the stitching. This is much easier to do, no shifting. Try it.

It was so popular that I have to make another one for my DIL to use when she is traveling. The tool pattern was one we bought at Jo-Ann's for my grandson. The doggie patterned fabric was one I had at home, and the smiley face fabric was a garage sale purchase - 3 yards for 50 cents!

These were so popular, that I made 3 for our great grandkids. They used it the other day on a 3 hour trip to Chicago and Mom said they loved it. If you have kids, strongly consider making this. In fact, I'll be making more as gifts for traveling friends.

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